Your Contributions  are welcome and needed.  These types of generic safety meetings are used by many and do increase worker safety awareness.  But the topics are broad and I know you have had safety meetings discussing a specific operation, the associated hazards and the controls which should be observed.   Share your knowledge and experience in a MS Word document emailed to  I won't alter  the content or author (unless you request to be anonymous)  but may add header and footers for employee sign in, etc. 
Back Hoe Safety
How to Lift Safely
HardHat "Exemption" Program
Helicopter Lift
Helicopter Signals
Work Zone Traffic Control
Flagging Procedures
Seven-Tenths of a Second
Cell Phones
Driver Conduct at Accident Scene
Witness Information Cards
Snake Bite
Spiders and Bugs
Welding Screens
Stay Alert
Accident Costs
Hoisted Personal Platforms
Excavation Damage Prevention
Reading a MSDS
Fan Safety
Toolbox Meeting Tips
Proper Hair Care
Light Plant Safety
More Construction Topics
More General Industry Topics
Crane Signals  English
Crane Signals   Spanish
Lifting Bags
Lifting Long Loads
Excavation Safety - Review
Heat Illness Prevention
Morning Wake Up
What Am I Safety Quiz
Bear Safety
Driving Safely in Deer Country
Accident Costs to Me & My Company
NDE Testing
Sight Glass Safety
Winterizing Yourself
Nitrogen Safety
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What's inside a Fire Extinguisher