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You go to work everyday and some of you wear your PPE and some of you don’t even know what PPE is. If you work in a machine shop proper PPE is very important and proper hair care is also very important.

You have long beautiful hair that has taken you years to grow. You want everyone else to see it so you pull it back in a ponytail that hangs half way down your back.

As you are reaching over to make an adjustment to your machine or to put a part in place your hair falls over your shoulder and before you know it that beautiful long hair is grabbed by a turning wheel. The wheel keeps spinning and that hair is quickly winding around that wheel. You try to reach for the stop button but you can’t quite reach it. So you scream for help and hope maybe someone will here you and come over and press the stop button for you.

By the time someone either hears or sees you your long hair not only has gotten a haircut but part of your scalp is gone also. They stop the machine but by this time you are passed out because the pain is too much for your body to handle. You wake up as they are loading you up into the ambulance. Boy does your head hurt and what happened to that beautiful long hair? It is gone, wrapped around the wheel back in the machine shop.

As you wait to get to the hospital you think of how long it had taken you to grow your hair. You remember that in the employee handbook it said “ All long hair, longer than shoulder length, will not only be tied back in a braid or ponytail but it must be put up under a hat, a hair net or put up in a bun. But you didn’t want to wear a hair net and it was uncomfortable to put your hair up in a bun. Other people including the safety officer told you, you should put your hair up but you always had an excuse why you didn’t. Thinking back now you wish that you had listened to them. But now you don’t have to worry about putting your long hair up, you don’t have any hair at all to worry about.

A few moments of vanity are not worth the pain you are going through now

                                                                                                    Contributed by Dawn Neal.