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I got up this morning turned off the clock and spilled the water as I was doing so. Was I safe?

I cleaned up the water and got ready for work and as I was doing this I stubbed my toe on the end table. Was I being safe?

I was running late so I hurried out to start my truck, I missed a step on the porch and fell. Was I being safe?

I was speeding to work because was really late now. Am I being safe?

I got to work rushed around to get the job done because I was behind. Am I being safe?

All of this could have been prevented if I eliminated any possible hazard that might occur. Like slowing down to pay attention to what is going on in my surroundings. An SPSA1  is a mental tool to make me aware of my surrounding. (Like not having the water to where I could knock it over. That would have been a start, and I would not have been late.)

Every day basic common sense is the key factor of getting a job done, and done safely.

Being aware of the hazards an eliminating as many hazards as possible, will ensure a safe work environment. Good housekeeping eliminates most slips trips and falls. Using our equipment properly, following the rules of the job, and looking out for each other is just daily common sense.

Pay attention to weather, and Road conditions; Wear gloves, Shovel, steps and walkways; properly operating equipment and Vehicles. These are part of our daily processes that can be taken for granted when they become routine. When the routine is done safely it can eliminate hazards. Remember: SPSA, Housekeeping, 360, and PPE, these should be just like taking a break, it is something we need to do. Slips, Trips, falls, Pinch Points, should be eliminated all together and not even considered.

Thanks to L. Dickson for this topic. 1An SPSA is a (Site Project Safety Assessment) it is just like walking on a job site and assessing the hazards, identifying the hazards and eliminating as many of them as possible. This process only takes a minute or two. We do our SPSA’S before starting on any project and also during work. If you have workers identifying their hazards off and on during the work day then it eliminates most accidents in the work force. The reason for this process is: that you are more aware of your surroundings and the hazards within.