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Talking to friends and relatives on the phone can be a very pleasant part of our day.  Depending on what we are discussing, it can also be very upsetting.  We could be discussing last nights football game and the winning or losing point, scheduling a doctor's appointment, having a fight with a girlfriend, checking on a sick parent, thinking, planning, emotions running high all with one hand on the telephone.  This is okay if we are just sitting on the living room sofa; however, it is not okay if you are on a jobsite, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE WORKING ON A HIGHWAY.  While working out in the field, talking on the phone is not appropriate.  Make no mistake about it; IT IS DANGEROUS!

Working on or near streets and highways requires your constant awareness for the safety of motorists, pedestrians and workers.  Our full attention and all of our physical capabilities should be focused on what we are doing if we expect to perform our job in a safe manner.  An injury or loss of life is a high price to pay because we didn't want to miss a phone call.

For this reason, personal cell phones are not allowed on the jobsite without permission from your supervisor or foreman.  They are to be kept with your other belongings, i.e., locked in a vehicle or left back at the motel or in your home.  You are never supposed to be making or receiving calls on personal (unauthorized) cell phones while you are working.

Because cell phones have been listed as a contributing factor in vehicle accidents, all drivers (even if authorized to use a cell phone on the job) are not allowed to talk on the phone while driving.  If you receive a call or it is necessary to make a call, pull off the road to a safe spot and park your vehicle.

Remember to be responsible and act SAFELY,
                                                Janice Grimaldi