For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of respirators, hearing protection , safety shoes, hard hats, and eye protection?
Train employees (including seasonal) in traffic control and equipment operation?
Provide bright, reflective and conspicuous clothing for flagmen?
Supply adequate amounts of clearly labeled drinking water?

For Pre-Job do you:

Consult utilities before digging to locate pipes and lines?  Pre-mark all utility lines?
Conduct pre- and post-excavation topographical reviews for drainage conditions?
Perform pre-construction surveys?  Use only licensed blasters?

For Operations do you:

Barricade all excavations?  Fence quarries?  Cover or guard ditches?
Arrange site for easy access/safe maneuvering for vehicles, equipment and workers?
Control dust by periodic watering?
Use barricades/flag people/warning signs to help protect pedestrian/vehicular traffic?
Remove dirt and debris from streets/sidewalks to help prevent public injury?
Regularly test asphalt mix for conformance to specifications?
Take safety precautions for underground power lines?
Slop stockpiles of aggregate to help prevent sliding?  Wet aggregate to limit dust?
Test noise levels to ensure requirements are met?
Store flammable liquids in fire safe containers?
Use fire resistive tarpaulins to control heat/material loss during transport of asphalt?
Adequately vent shop area to help remove dusts/fumes/gases?
Use signalers when dump trucks are discharging their loads?
Maintain adequate spacing/properly vent tanks storing flammable/combustible liquids?
Use DOT approved liquid petroleum gas systems?
Advise the fire department of chemicals, combustibles, and blasting materials?
Keep pavers/distributors attended?  Provide distributors with a 500 degree thermometer?
Cut or remove weeds and brush in close proximity?
Enforce "No Smoking" rules and control sources of ignition near combustibles?

For Equipment do you:

Equip bulldozers and loaders with rollover protection/overhead canopies?
Provide equipment with automatic audible back up alarms?
Equip rollers with a swivel seat/extra seat facing backward, a guard and handrail?
Ground portable electric power generators over 5 KW?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
Require proper loading securing, unloading techniques?
Require your equipment to carry appropriate vehicle markings?