For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of safety shoes, hard hats and eye protection?
Use  entry procedures for septic tank work?
Train employees in proper lifting practices?
Train employees in fire regulations applicable to the work?

For Operations do you:

Maintain inventory control of supplies and equipment?
Properly erect/level/anchor/use permanent scaffolding?
Have established scaffolding erection/dismantling and inspection procedures?
Check all joints for secure fastening?
Properly install/protect water supply devices against the possibility of siphoning?
Provide barricades/covers for roof, wall, floor and other openings?
Take proper safeguards for confined space entry?
Ensure proper ventilation in interior work areas?
Restrict smoking around combustibles and unfinished construction?
Limit quantities of flammable or combustible liquids in use to a one-day supply?
Ensure that fuels kept on hand are in compliance with storage safety standards?
Ensure fire extinguishers are tested, accessible and clearly marked?
Provide adequate washing facilities and disinfectants?
Have procedures for inspecting/testing during work and upon completion?

Perform hazardous operations, including welding, only in areas made fire safe?
Restrict welding near flammables or before lines are properly purged?
Confine operations to a cut-off room when possible?
Keep all torches attended?
Use metal stands or insulated surfaces for soldering irons?
Use approved oxygen, acetylene and LPG cylinders?  Secured/stored properly?
Use fireproof mats, fire extinguishers and watch person(s)?

For Equipment do you:

Record serial numbers and adequately label machines and attachment in case of theft?
Ground portable electric power generators over 5 KW?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
Provide dollies or other conveyances for manual transport of heavy materials?
Properly guard and ground electric tools?
Regularly inspect/maintain ladders, hoists, tools, wiring and other equipment?