For Employees do you:

Require the use of eye protection for scraping or chipping?
Require use of safety harnesses/lanyards for work at high elevations?

For Operations do you:

Take precautions to help protect the public from physical harm or property damage?
Provide barricades, covers or equivalent protection for all open areas?
Take proper safeguards for confined space entry?  Use the buddy system?
Ensure proper ventilation in interior work areas?
Assign only experienced workers to abrasive blasting or spray painting operations?
Determine wind direction/velocity prior to stripping or spraying operations?
Prohibit exterior spraying or abrasive blasting on windy days?
Mix paints with a paddle or mechanical device rather than with hands?
Use forced ventilation where natural ventilation is inadequate?
Continuously inspect surfaces for charring during/after burning of paint?
Use blowtorches only in areas made fire safe?  Never leave torches unattended?
Ensure fire extinguishers are accessible and clearly marked?
Prohibit smoking, open flames and spark-producing equipment near combustibles?
Closely control all flammable liquids (paints, solvents), and rags?  Limit inside use to one shift supply.

Follow proper anchoring procedures?
Use planking above sidewalks to protect public from dropped objects?
Enforce strict regulations against loose items on upper levels?
Follow manufacturer'/suppliers' recommendations for scaffolding use?
Use adjusting screws instead of blocking for scaffolds on uneven grades?
Regularly inspect/maintain scaffolding, ladders, hoists, and ropes?

For Equipment do you:

Regularly inspect, adjust, and clean UL approved gas/kerosene/oil space heaters?
Use only liquid-fired heaters equipped with a safety fuel shut-off device?
Provide dollies or other conveyances for manual transport of heavy materials?
Inspect and clean tools and equipment prior to returning them to stock?
Inspect safety valves/pressure gages/air hoses on compressed air systems?
Equip all blasters and spraying apparatus with dead man control valves?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
Properly guard and ground electrical tools?
Have vehicles specially outfitted to carry and secure equipment and materials?