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Many times I've searched my hard drive and old disks for a powerpoint that was close to the topic I was going to present so I could pursue other interests.  These may or may not be useful but I'm posting them anyway.  As with the topics, the information might or soon become outdated so beware.
Accident Investigation for Supervisors
Carpal Tunnel Slides
Carpal Tunnel Slides 2
Driver Safety
Elements of Ergonomics Programs
Employee Awareness & Training
Employee "Right-to-Know" law
Ergonomic Design Principles
Ergonomic Slides
Ergonomic Vibration
Ergonomics in the textile Industry
Ergonomics Qualitative and Quantitative
Ergonomics Setting up VDT Workstation
Fatigue and the Truck Driver
Fleet Operators  Hidden Dangers
Injuries in Nursing Homes
Intro to Hazard Communication
Job Safety Analysis for Supervisors
Material Handling Slides
NIOSH Lifting Guidelines
Occupational Health Issues Associated with Long Term Care Facilities
OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard
PPE - Employee Awareness & Training
Protective Clothing & Equipment
Pump Jacks / Ladder Jacks
Spinal Column Slides
The Fire Pyramid
VDT Occupational Ergonomics
Workplace Violence
240 Ton Haulage Truck Visibility
Bad Safety Habits
PowerPoint Presentations