For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of gloves, safety shoes, hard hats, respirators and eye protection?
Train workers in proper lifting techniques?  Provide material handling equipment?
Require the use of safety harnesses/lanyards for above ground work?

For Pre-Job do you:

Locate and mark utility lines/electrical equipment prior to starting work?
Conduct a thorough study to ensure structural integrity?

For Operations do you:

Restrict the public from work areas by using warning signs, lines, and barricades?
Secure material and equipment, especially on windy days?
Adequately brace and secure masonry during erection?
Use only materials meeting specifications and building codes?
Perform proper testing of all concrete mixtures?
Follow specifications for cold-weather masonry construction and quality control?
Mix concrete and mortar outside when possible?  Ensure proper ventilation?
Store bagged cement and lime in temperature and humidity controlled areas?
Store fuel in tanks or cylinders conforming to NFPA standards?
Properly maintain and inspect fire extinguishers?  Mount in appropriate locations?
Test fireplaces to ensure proper functioning and that flashing is properly installed?

Restrict access to tile/marble cutting areas?  Use a wet saw to cut marble or stone?
Rope off areas below stonework to restrict access to other tradesmen and public?
Use corrosion resistant metal ties?
Ensure good mortar joints to prevent water entering behind the stone?
Inspect stone at the site for cracks and natural flaws which may cause cracking?

Follow proper anchoring procedures?
Use planking above sidewalks to protect public from dropped objects?
Enforce strict regulations against loose items on upper levels?
Follow manufacturer'/suppliers' recommendations for scaffolding use?
Use adjusting screws instead of blocking for scaffolds on uneven grades?
Regularly inspect/maintain scaffolding, ladders, hoists, and ropes?

For Equipment do you:

Ground portable electric power generators if over 5 KW?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
Ensure portable heating devices are equipped with automatic shutoffs?
Render machinery inoperative at night?