For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of safety shoes, gloves, hard hats, hearing protection and eye protection?
Require workers to use safety harnesses and lanyards while working in trees?
Train employees in proper lifting techniques, first aid and CPR?
Offer a driver safety program for your employees?
Ensure that new/inexperienced employees are supervised by someone experienced?
Require aerial lift personnel to always be tied in with an approved rope and harness?
Supply clean water and detergent for drenching/washing in case of an accident?

For Pre-Job do you:

Consult utilities before digging to locate pipes and lines?  Pre-mark all utility lines?
Conduct pre- and post-excavation topographical review for drainage conditions?
Require workers to scan trees to locate any wires passing near the branches?
Survey and establish property boundaries prior to starting a job?

For Operations do you:

Barricade all excavations/hazardous operations?  Post warning signs?
Use safety ropes to guide falling limbs, branches and trunks?
Use ropes to hoist equipment/branches that are too heavy to maneuver by hand?
Remove dirt and debris spilled onto streets/sidewalks to prevent public injury?
Use only non-conductive tools to remove branches near energized lines?
Require workers dealing with power lines to maintain a safe distance from the lines?
Store wood or wood chips away from buildings?
Have adequate fire detection/suppression devices?  Have easy access for firefighters?
Control smoke during the burning of grass, weeds, or brush?  Post traffic controls?
Carefully load all debris, dirt, rocks, wood and other materials being hauled away?
Use covers to avoid spilling or flyaway of debris/materials in transit?

For Equipment do you:

Bolt aerial buckets to the truck chassis?  Restrict boom extension during transit?
Require that saw engines are stopped when carried, cleaned, refueled, or adjusted?
Inspect/adjust chainsaws/stump grinders daily; require hand guards and safety chains?
Use fully insulated aerial lifts and limit occupancy to one worker?
Prohibit occupancy of the aerial lift during transit?
Use only non-conductive ladders?
Require workers to inspect ropes, ladders and trailers daily?
Safeguard tools/equipment at the jobsites? Provide permanent identification marking?