For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of safety shoes and hard hats?
Have employees work in pairs for immediate assistance in case of trouble?

For Pre-Job do you:

Consult utilities before digging?  Pre-mark all utility lines?
Conduct pre- and post-excavation topographical reviews for drainage conditions?
Inspect foundations/structures in the vicinity and record/photograph defects?
Consider jobsite/storage area potential for flashflood, earthquake, or wind?

For Operations do you:

Keep power equipment away from overhead wires?
Barricade all excavations?
Pile excavated material a safe distance from the trench's edge?
Use proper sloping techniques or appropriate retention systems?
Wet and tamp down backfill material to control settling/compaction?
Remove dirt and debris from streets/sidewalks to help prevent public injury?
Use and maintain handrails, grips, safety lines or belts?
Have accessible exit/entry (ladders, etc.) within 25 feet from any worker?
Arrange site for easy access/safe maneuvering of vehicles, equipment and workers?
Illuminate the jobsite?
Control dust by periodic watering or use of calcium chloride?

    Use only licensed blasters?
    Perform pre-blast surveys?
    Train employees in proper handling and storage of explosives?
    Remove from the job site or secure blasting materials daily?
    Keep an accurate inventory of caps, dynamite, and other items?

For Equipment do you:

Follow DOT regulations for oversized/overweight loads?  Properly secure loads?
Operate vehicles/equipment a safe distance from excavation to help avoid collapse?
Equip bulldozers and loaders with rollover protection and overhead canopies?
Provide equipment with automatic audible back up alarms?
Fence, light, and lock equipment storage locations?
Use anti-theft/vandalism devices such as ignition lock boxes/automatic fuel cutoffs?
Ground portable electric power generators if over 5 KW?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?