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Infection is often called 'Blood Poisoning'. It might be of interest to know exactly what is meant by 'Blood Poisoning'. The term itself indicates that it is a poisoning directly related to blood.

There are two ways in which a poison can attack our bodies. It may be taken in through the mouth and enter the body by way of the digestive organs, or it may enter directly into the blood stream through an abrasion or cut in the skin. In any event, every poison eventually works through the blood and the poison of infections works into the blood stream directly.

The smallest cut, abrasion or scratch is large enough for germs to enter. If they are not wash off they will cause an infection which could lead to blood poisoning. If left untreated, a hand or arm could become so infected that it might possibly have to be amputated.

Should you find yourself with a small scratch or cut be sure to get it washed out and properly covered with a clean bandage. 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. Serious cuts and lacerations need to be treated by professional medical personnel.

Most often you'll run up against smaller injuries - burns, nicks, scratches and cuts. The danger here is that most workers don't bother to get first aid for these minor injuries. The bottom line is - DON'T NEGLECT CUTS. Do your part by trying to prevent them from happening in the first place, but when any injury occurs - serious or minor - be sure that it receives the right kind of treatment, as quickly as possible.

First aid kits must be checked, frequently to be sure they are clean and fully stocked. This applies to your home and car or boat as well as on the job.