For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of gloves, safety shoes, goggles and hard hats?
Provide knee pads for kneeling operations/safety harnesses for aerial work?
Provide material handling equipment and train workers in its use?
Provide bright, reflective, and conspicuous clothing for flagmen?

For Operations do you:

Keep power equipment away from overhead wires?
Barricade all work areas?
Properly erect/level/anchor/use only permanent scaffolding? Restrict loose items?
Have accessible exit/entry ladders?  Remove ladders at the end of each day?
Ensure that concrete mixing is done under competent supervision?
Perform daily batch testing of concrete for reinforcement and stress levels?
Record batch mixes and test pouring on a regular schedule?
Properly brace and inspect all forms prior to pouring concrete?
Enforce weight limits of hand carried materials?
Arrange site for easy access/safe maneuvering of vehicles, equipment and workers?
Ensure that decks/platforms are properly erected and railed? Secure loose items?
Provide battery operated warnings lights around the jobsite at night?
Help prevent damage to vehicles, trees, lawns and shrubs near the pour site?
Ensure proper drainage and depth of the concrete to help prevent heaving?
Use ample reinforcement such as reinforcing rods and wire mesh?
Require use of guide when concrete trucks are dumping their loads?
Use alarms/whistles or other warning signals during overhead/lifting operations?
Use only treated tarpaulins to resist fire?
Provide flagmen to direct traffic and warn pedestrians of hazardous operations?
Use a watch service when providing heat overnight on a job site?
Use and keep attended only approved heating units, with enclosed fuel/flames?
Keep all combustible materials a safe distance from heating units?

For Equipment do you:

Ground portable electric power generators if over 5 KW?
Vent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
Equip power-floats with dead man controls?
Inspect/maintain scaffolding, ladders, hoists, ropes, and other equipment?
Provide equipment with automatic audible back up alarms?