For Employees do you:

    Enforce the use of goggles, safety shoes and hard hats?
    Provide material handling equipment and train workers in proper lifting techniques?

For Pre-Job do you:

    Study the jobsite to determine hazards, exposures, or unusual conditions?
    Locate and mark utility lines/electrical equipment prior to starting work?

For Operations do you:

    Adequately brace all construction, secure trusses against the wind?
    Barricade all work areas?
    Require barricade/covers for roof/wall/floor and other openings?
    Use non-flammable adhesives when possible?
    Deactivate hoists, take down ladders, lock up/remove power equipment at night?
    Keep flammable liquids in sealed metal containers?
    Keep equipment away from overhead wires?
    Have easily accessible ladders, stairways, ramps for entry/exit?
    Arrange site for easy access and safe maneuvering of equipment?
    Keep the site free from sawdust, scrap, and other debris accumulation?
    Store combustibles well away from the structure?
    Restrict smoking in and around unfinished construction?

For Scaffolding, Do you:

    Follow proper anchoring procedures?
    Use planking above sidewalks to protect public from dropped objects?
    Enforce strict regulations against loose items on upper levels?
    Follow manufacturers'/suppliers' recommendations for scaffolding use?
    Use adjusting screws instead of blocking for scaffolds on uneven grades?
    Regularly inspect/maintain scaffolding, ladders, hoists, and ropes?

For Equipment do you:

    Regularly inspect, adjust, and clean UL approved gas/kerosene/oil space heaters?
    Use only liquid-fired heaters equipped with a safety fuel shut-of device?
    Properly guard saws?  Ground and inspect all equipment and tools?
    Properly secure loads? Flag or escort oversized loads ahead/behind?
    Fence, light and lock equipment storage locations?
    Ground portable electric power generators if over 5 KW?
    Bent fuel-powered generating equipment into open air?
    Regularly inspect trailers and hitches?  Require use of a chain with hitches?