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This procedure provides guidance and rules pertaining to prevention of electric shock that shall be observed when work is being performed on energized circuits and apparatus.

When it is necessary to work on energized lines and equipment, assign only workmen with previous experience in such work. Work shall always be done with the full use of suitable protective devices and observance of safety rules.


Plan the work to be done. Be sure everyone involved understands the plan thoroughly. Consider environmental conditions, also wet and damp locations.

Before work is begun, the person in charge shall ascertain by inquiry, direct observation and instruments if the source is energized and, if so, what the voltage.

At least two persons shall be assigned to work on energized lines/equipment. They should be trained to handle emergencies and be thoroughly briefed in safety procedures and use of safety equipment.

No employee shall be permitted to work on, approach or handle any conductive object without an approved insulated tool or handle unless:

a. The employee is insulated or guarded from the energized part.

b. The energized part is insulated or guarded from employee and any other conductive object at a different potential.

c. The employee is isolated, insulated or guarded from any other conductive object(s). Employee shall be insulated as much as possible between phase(s) being worked and other phases.

Proper personal safety equipment must be available and used; i.e., rubber gloves with protectors insulator blankets/mats, authorized hard hat, eye protection, etc.

Suitable barriers or other means should be used to prevent unauthorized personnel entering the "hot" work area. Post appropriate warning signs.

If it becomes necessary to de-energize high voltage circuits while work is being performed, circuit being worked shall be shorted to ground or tested with appropriate test device to assure that capacitive devices are discharged prior to working as a de-energized circuit.