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Employees who take safety seriously are more likely to avoid injuries, and that certainly is a big health factor. They get paid more than employees who are careless and suffer injuries, which disable both their bodies and their paychecks.

Employees who have a good attitude toward safety have a mature outlook on life that allows for consideration of others. In other words, they probably have no trouble-keeping friends.  And certainly families benefit when the breadwinner stays healthy.

An employee with a good attitude realizes that safety rules are made to protect him or her and that in return certain responsibilities must be met. In other words, you have to recognize that an accident could happen to you and then act accordingly.

In addition, stay in step with safety by following safety rules that have been established for your job. Use the protective equipment specified for the job. Pay attention to your work, and seek help from your supervisor if you have questions.

Always operate equipment safely, making certain that all guards are in place and that equipment is in good working order before using it. Operate only equipment which you have been authorized to run.

Remember, accidents don’t just happen; they’re caused, either by an unsafe act, an unsafe condition, or a combination of both.

Unsafe acts include such things as taking chances and engaging in horseplay. So always work at safe speeds and shut off equipment before making repairs or adjustments.

Be particular about the housekeeping in your work area and always load or stack materials properly. Many tripping hazards can be eliminated.

If you’ve ever thought, “What’s in it for me?” the answer should be fairly obviously at this point. No one wants to become a statistic, particularly a painful statistic. So develop a safe attitude. It not only will pay off for you but for the people you work with, too.