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Always check carefully for fire hazards before you start to weld or cut. Wood, paper, or other flammable materials should be removed from the area. Do not start welding or cutting where there are flammable liquids without checking with your supervisor first.

If you must weld or cut near combustible materials, a fire extinguisher, pail of water, fire hose or a pail of sand should be at hand. It may be necessary to have a worker stand by with a fire extinguisher to put out sparks.

If you have to weld or cut any tank or drum which has contained flammable liquids or gas, don’t start your operation until an approved test shows that there is no dangerous vapor present. Don’t be satisfied with somebody’s say-so that the tank or drum was tested previously. Insist on a test before you start your work.

Good ventilation is a must for all welding and cutting operations. Many of these operations produce fumes that are harmful in heavy concentrations, and good ventilation is the one best method of protecting yourself against this hazard. If you have any doubt about the adequacy of the ventilation on a job, ask your supervisor for his opinion. Do not weld or cut in a small room or tank or other closed place.

Eye protection is a must on all welding and cutting jobs.  And full face protection is needed on many such jobs. The type of protection to wear will depend on your task. 

Eye protection is designed to protect you against sparks, slag and molten metal, and against the flash burns caused by radiation from the welding equipment. If you follow the rules for protective face and eye covering, you will not have any face and eye injuries from your welding and cutting work.