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Not all job performance problems involve drug use, but recent studies show that the rising number of employees using drugs inevitably produces increased performance problems. Some of the signals that may indicate abuse affecting safety at the work place include:

Attendance problems - including chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and excessive use of sick leave

Unsatisfactory performance or productivity shown - for example, poor quality work and increase errors and waste.

Emotional and physical symptoms - such as withdrawal, depression, confusion, loss of concentration, hand tremors, or an unsteady gait.

Evidence of illegal substance use - possession, sale, or delivery, including paraphernalia such as needles, foil wrappers, pipes, etc.

Accidents, near misses, or equipment breakdowns - that may be the result of human error or violations of established operating procedures.

Fighting - involving physical contact, assaults, and erratic or violent behavior.

Drugs and the workplace just don't mix. Any of the above can cause an employee to take a chance and we all know what can happen then. Accidents and injuries take a toll on all of us. A drug free work place is a safer place. You have enough work related problems and activities to worry about without adding a concern for someone who does not have it all together.

Alcohol is a drug too, and even though it is not illegal in society, it has no place on the job. Lack of coordination and poor judgment will make you accident prone. Approximately 23,000 people are killed in alcohol related highway accidents each year. Don't drink on your way to or from the job. You'll place yourself and others in harms way. We want to keep you alive and well. Each of us wants to work in a safe environment. Drug and alcohol use on the job is just not a smart thing to do. Make sure you do your part. Say no to both alcohol and drugs. Your life may depend on it!