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We all have a natural tendency to want to be safe.  It is easy to recognize safety appeal.  Let us take a look at a couple of the more obvious ones. The desire to avoid personal injury and the desire to avoid personal loss.

Personal injury and personal loss are things we all want to escape, but many of us do little on our own to help avoid accidents that cause them. However, there are things that can be done on the job to help prevent painful incidents, particularly those caused by unsafe acts.

First of all, no matter how good you are at your job, or how long you’ve been around, do not take safety for granted. Always keep your personal guard up. When you let it down, you are exposing yourself to accidents.

Secondly, take time to be safe. Do not take a chance that an accident will not happen this time. Taking shortcuts and not taking time to use a safety device are quick ways to get involved in an accident.

A third way to avoid unsafe acts is to form good work habits. There is a right way to do every job, and the right way is the safe way. Accept the fact that accidents do not just happen to the other guy, or at least be realistic enough to acknowledge that you are the “other guy” to everyone but you.

The awful truth is that accidents play no favorites. They can happen to anyone.

Our safety program depends on everyone. So be sure to hold up your end of the effort. Be observing. Regularly attempt to spot hazards and call them to the attention of your supervisor. Spot them in advance. Anyone can spot a hazard after it has injured someone.

Most of us want to be safe, but there seem to be differences in what we think safety is. Actually, safety is getting the job done. It isn’t something separate or apart from production, nor is it a punishment.

It’s doing your job right-right for your own well-being and right for production and quality. They all go hand-in-hand. In return, safety fulfills your natural desire to avoid personal loss and injury.