Yes__No__Safety nets are provided where workplaces are 25 feet above the ground or water surface, or other surfaces where the use of ladders, scaffolds, catch platforms, temporary floors, safety lines or safety belts is impractical:

Yes__No__Nets extend eight feet beyond the edge of the work surface where employees are exposed and shall be installed as close under the work surface as practical but in no case more than 25 feet below such work surface:

Yes__No__Nets are hung with sufficient clearance to prevent user's contact with the surfaces or structures below.  Such clearance must be determined by impact load testing:

Yes__No__Mesh size of nets does not exceed 6 inches by 6 inches.

Yes__No__Nets meet accepted performance standards of 17,500 foot - pounds minimum impact resistance as determined and certified by the manufactures and bear a label of proof test.

Yes__No__Edge ropes provide a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds.

Yes__No__Forged steel safety hooks or shackles have been used to fasten the net to its supports.

Yes__No__Connections between net panels develop the full strength of the net.

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