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We all think about using EYE protection when needed. Try to be just as conscientious about LUNG protection. Solvent paint, vapors and welding fumes are hard to "swallow." Remember that vapors, dust or airborne particles of any kind may be injurious to your throat and lungs. Even if you are exposed to airborne con­taminants for a short time each day, consider using a respirator. Protect yourself from minor irritation now and avoid significant discomfort and suffering later.

NOT ALL RESPIRATORS PROTECT AGAINST ALL CONTAMINANTS! Select the right respirator to pro­tect you against the contaminant in your work area.
Your respirator can't protect you if it doesn't fit!

If you wear a respirator to protect your lungs against dust, sand or mist you should remember to always keep it tight against your face. You can keep it fitting snugly with two techniques:

1. Pinch the nosepiece snugly around the bridge of your nose.

2. Always use both straps to keep the mask snugly against your face.

Snug up your respirator in this way EVERY TIME YOU PUT IT ON. To check for leaks, cup both hands over the respirator and breathe out vigorously. If you feel air leaking, snug up the mask.

Get a replacement for your respirator when you notice breathing becomes difficult. Difficulty breathing means your mask is getting clogged with particles.

If you wear a respirator to protect your lungs against FUMES OR VAPORS you will know it is not fitting when you can TASTE or SMELL the vapors or fumes you work around. Replace the filter cartridges when this happens or breathing becomes difficult.
If you have a rubber face piece respirator that you use over and over, wash the face piece regularly in mild soap and water. Inspect it for cracks.

REMEMBER: If you keep your cigarettes in your shirt pocket during your work day, they will absorb the fumes or vapors to which you are exposed. If you wear a fume or vapor respirator during your shift, keep your cigarettes in some other location. Otherwise, you will end up smoking cigarettes soaked with the con­taminants that you wear a respirator to protect your lungs against!