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Many of the normal activities associated with drilling operations expose crews to the risk of serious injury. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic processes, falls from heights and falling objects are just a few of the hazards drilling crews are continually faced with.

When certain activities become routine, it is necessary to build in controls that will minimize the likelihood of an accident. Some of the safeguards we rely on to protect us during the activities we perform each day include:

· Training and close supervision of new hires;

· Proper footwear, gloves and hard hats;

· Snub lines and guardrails;

· Safety harnesses and tie-off lanyards

Many serious and even fatal injuries occur as rigs are being broken down, moved and set up. When these activities are under way, working conditions can change from moment to moment and you cannot rely on the usual safeguards.

One of the most common accidents to occur during rig up and rig down operations is a fall. It is extremely important that you take nothing for granted. Look where you're stepping. Make certain no floor sections have been removed or floor openings left uncovered.

If floor openings cannot be covered, an employee must be assigned to stand watch and caution other hands away. If you uncover a floor opening, never walk off and leave it unattended.

More than one injury has been suffered when hands noticed an opening in the rig floor, walked across or around it - and then forgot about it when they walked back again. Carrying loads in your hands or arms can obstruct your vision. Look ahead first to make certain your path is clear of trip or fall hazards.

Guardrails should be left in place as long as possible when rigging down, and put in place as soon as possible when rigging up. When guardrails are not in place, workers must be properly tied off with an approved fall protection system.

Don't ever fall into a habit of complacency. Be especially cautious during set up and breakdown activities. Remember, no one can take care of you like you can. Watch out for your fellow hands and always watch out for yourself.