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So you're the new employee on the job -- or maybe you're an old timer starting a new job. Both of you have a responsibility to learn how to do your new job safely. Your supervisor should take the time necessary to explain the safety requirements for the work you will be doing. Here are several safety topics to think about.

First Aid & Emergency: Where is the first aid station located? Where are the first aid supplies? Who is certified to provide first aid? Where are emergency phone numbers posted?

Housekeeping & Sanitation: Where is the waste disposal area? Are there any materials which must be disposed of in a special manner? What are the procedures for daily cleanup? Where is drinking water located?

Personal Protective Equipment: Are hard hats required at this work site? Are soft soled shoes prohibited? Check eye and ear protection requirements! What other kinds of Personal Protective Equipment are needed?

Hand & Power Tools: Are you qualified to use the tools you will be using on this job? Are all the required guards in place? Are your tools properly grounded?

Ladders: Is the ladder the right one for the job? Is it in good condition? Be sure the ladder is properly set up and secured. Always check a ladder prior to using it.

Hazcom: Are you going to have to work with chemicals? Do you understand all of the precautions which must be taken? Find out where Material Safety Data Sheets are kept, as well as where the main chemical inventory list is located.

As a new -- or seasoned -- employee there are many safety topics that you need to think about. Some other subjects which may be of particular importance on your job are: working around cranes and heavy equipment, excavations and trenching, motor vehicles, scaffolds, fall protection, and electricity.

As the new guy on the block there is a lot of information that you need to comprehend. If you have a question -- ask. As a supervisor you need to be able to answer any questions a new employee may have.