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Ensure safe driving by including an inspection of any motor vehicle you drive, on or off the job. Check all lights, brake lights and turn signals; be sure that windshield wipers, the horn, and if applicable, the back-up warning device are in working order. Check the brakes, both the foot pedal as well as the hand brake. Check the status of the inspection sticker. Check the oil and make sure you have enough fuel. Report any defective or broken parts on company vehicles to your supervisor.

As the driver or operator you are responsible to make sure that all bins are closed, the load is secure, and the area is CLEAR before moving the vehicle. Extreme caution must be used when backing vehicles. Turn around instead of backing up whenever possible. If you must back-up and you have someone riding with you, have your passenger get out and direct you so you can back-up safely. When backing a vehicle in the vicinity of other workers or in a congested area, a signal person should always be used.

The operator must observe posted speed limits. Many accidents are caused by driving too slowly as well as too fast. Use turn signals when turning and when pulling out onto the road or highway. It is the responsibility of every employee who drives a company motor vehicle to be licensed, and to know and obey all state and local regulations pertaining to its operation.

Always carry your driver's license with you. Many states also require that the vehicle registration be carried in your car, van or truck. Every person who operates a motor vehicle has an obligation to themselves, their family, their employer, other drivers and pedestrians to operate their vehicle in a safe and courteous manner. Be a defensive driver! Make allowances for mistakes, lack of skill and lack of knowledge on the part of the other driver. Control your temper and be alert at all times, looking far enough ahead to recognize and avoid impending situations. You're in the driver's seat -- a lot rests on your shoulders. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!