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In today's work world, we all benefit from some type of material handling equipment. Whether the equipment is just a paper tray for a printer or a log loader for a sawmill, the concept of moving materials in the easiest manner possible is still the same.

Most warehouse type operations use lift trucks for their operations. This type of equipment, while very productive, is also very dangerous in the wrong hands. Operators must be trained on the particular piece of equipment they will be operating. Lift trucks vary in size, capacity, and operation. These particulars must be addressed in training sessions before operators are permitted to use the equipment.

Issues needing to be addressed in terms of hazards and safety procedures include:

Operation of all controls for the lift truck.
Capabilities of the lift truck. ( weights, fork shifting, etc. ) This can be found on the placard in the cab and/or in the operations manual.
Fueling / battery recharging procedures.
Visibility barriers and back-up alarms.
Operations in tight aisles, loading ramps, high picks, and on inclines.
Driving procedures. Corners, carrying loads, material placement, lift truck speed.
These topics, as well as others, should be covered in a comprehensive training program. The program should also include a written outline of training topics, a self test or evaluation for the driver, a practical field test (commonly called a lift truck rodeo), and a signed certificate of completion for the course.

Follow up training is also important for ensuring that employees thoroughly understand the machines they operate - and remember to do what they understand. DO NOT OPERATE A LIFT TRUCK IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO SO.