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These words can strike terror in anyone. You know this means that someone is injured or ill and needs some help. From you. What do you do?

First and foremost, have someone call 911. Get professional help on the way as quickly as possible. Have the physical address and building number posted at each phone. Most people suffer from memory loss during a crisis and having the address posted can alleviate this problem.

Hopefully you have received first aid and CPR training. If you haven't, check into it. Being able to assist someone who needs help is better than standing around feeling helpless.

Next, assess the situation. Look for hazards that may have caused this incident. Don't rush to someone until you look around and make sure you won't have the same fate. When all is clear, go to the patient. Don't move the person unless they are in grave danger. If unconscious, check the A-B-C's. Airway, breathing and circulation. If the person is not breathing, you have to begin CPR until the paramedics arrive. Seconds count and it is up to you to give the breath of life.

If bleeding, direct pressure must be applied to the area to reduce the blood loss. Utilize latex gloves to protect yourself. If the person is conscious, keep calm. Talk in normal tones and by all means, don't say anything that will alarm the person. If possible, cover the injured area so the person affected won't see the injury.

Shock is a possibility, so have blankets available to keep the person warm and comfortable. Also, don't give the person anything to drink.

An emergency can strike at any time and being prepared can be the key to saving a life. Maybe even your life.