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Take a look around at your co-workers. Some are your friends during work hours, and even after work. You know about their families, what they like and don't like, and what they do for fun. So, be on the lookout for unsafe conditions and correct them, or report them to your supervisors as soon as possible. Help your fellow workers get through the shift without an accident:
I'll help you lift those heavy items, so you don't have to do it by yourself. I know a back injury can mess up your home life, as well as your ability to work.
I'll be sure to inspect those slings before you lift a load. I know that you are depending upon them to hold the weight of the load until it is set down.
I'll inspect that ladder and make sure it is in good condition before I set it up for you to use. I will set it at a good 4:1 angle so it won't slip while you're on it.
I'll be certain that the guardrails, mid rails and toe boards are in place before you get up on that scaffolding, because I know a fall could lead to your serious injury or death.
I'll make sure that all passageways and walkways are clear so you won't slip, trip or fall.
I'll label all containers in the workplace, so you don't use the wrong product for a job by mistake.
I'll check the backup alarms on our heavy equipment, because I can't always see you, and I want to make sure you can hear me.
When I'm welding, I will always set up the welding shields so the flash won't burn your eyes.
I'll tag and report all tools that aren't working properly so you won't be injured by plugging in a tool that has a faulty wire.
I'll know and practice the emergency evacuation procedures, so we can both get out of an unsafe condition together.
Finally, I want to see you leave work exactly the way you arrived. So, if I see you doing something the wrong way, I'll show you the right way to do it. Of course, I expect you will do the same for me-after all, shouldn't everyone on the crew watch out for each other?