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Job trailers, tool trailers and office trailers are common to most construction sites. Most likely you take them for granted but be aware that they can be hazardous if installed incorrectly or are poorly maintained.

One of the biggest problems with a trailer on site is providing a safe means of access. How do you get in and out of it? Is it safe for all employees? Many times a stack of cinder blocks or a wooden pallet turned on its side is used as a makeshift entry. This will cause accidents. Every effort should be made to have a set of steps built to provide safe and easy access. In most areas of the country trailers are required to be tied down to prevent being overturned during storms or high wind conditions. Local authorities should be checked for requirements.

Each trailer should have a fire extinguisher mounted and available for quick use. This applies to all trailers on site. All telephones should have emergency phone numbers posted. Electrical panels should be marked, and if portable hand tools are-to be plugged in outside, receptacles must be protected by a GFCI or a current Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor Program.

Tool trailers are used to store tools and construction materials. THINK before you place items in them. Keep heavy objects low along the walls. Keep the center walkway free from tripping hazards. Place sharp pointed objects down and away to prevent injury. Smoking should not be allowed inside a tool trailer that stores flammables. Watch for pinch points and sharp edges. If at all possible, hand tools, shovels, chokers, extension cords and the like should be hung out of the way. Good housekeeping in the tool trailer saves time and prevents injuries.

Many trailers have fans to keep them cool in the warmer months. Be sure the fan blade, belt and pulley are properly guarded to prevent injuries to fingers.

Trailers are what you make of them. If storage in them is well planned, they are maintained, and safe access is provided they will make your job easier and more efficient.