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Hazard Communication (Right to Know)
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Right-to-know refers to your "right to know" what hazardous chemicals and materials you may be exposed to on the jobsite.  You should be aware of the potential hazards in order to properly prepare yourself to work with the materials.  We cannot eliminate hazardous substances, but we can greatly reduce the danger in dealing with them.

Every hazardous substance that has been identified has a Material Safety Data Sheet or M.S.D.S., which tells you what the substance is, what possible dangers you might encounter while using the product and how to properly protect yourself from the substance.  The MSDS will list any personal protective equipment required with use of that particular substance.

Each project  manager has a set of MSDS's.  Do you know where they are located at?  Have you ever opened them up and pulled out the MSDS for the substances you use in your particular task each day?  If you have not, do it today.   Read over the description and make sure that you are using the proper protective equipment.

Maybe you do not think that you use hazardous substances.  Here are some common items that are considered hazardous and may be found on a jobsite:

     Welding and Cutting Gases




     Concrete and related compounds

Many items may not seem hazardous, but become hazardous when handled improperly.  Think about the substances you use and check for an MSDS so that you really know how to use that substance and what equipment you need to make sure you are not exposed to a hazard.

If you are not sure what you are working with, ASK. Be safe and not sorry.

The "right to know" about the substances we work with is yours.