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Floor And Wall Openings And Perimeter Protection

To control conditions where there is a danger of employees or materials falling through floor, roof or wall openings, such openings shall be protected by standard railings and toeboards or covered over in accordance with the following criteria:

Wall Openings

Wall openings from which there is a drop of more than 4 feet and where the bottom of the opening is less than 3 feet above the working surface, must be guarded with a top rail, midrail and toeboard.

Open-Sided Floors, Platforms And Runways

Every open-sided floor or platform 6 feet or more above an adjacent floor or ground level must be guarded with standard railings.

Floor Openings

a. Floor openings must be barricaded or covered, secured and labeled, "FLOOR OPENING -- DO NOT REMOVE" or protected by a standard guardrail.

b. When it is necessary to work inside a barricade around a floor opening, employees should tie-off to building structure or guardrail.

Railings And Covers

A standard railing shall consist of a top rail, intermediate (midrail) rail, toeboard and posts.

a. The top rail shall be approximately 42 inches from the upper surface of the rail to the floor, platform or ramp level. The top rail shall be smooth surfaced throughout its length and be made of at least 2 x 4 inch stock or its equivalent. Top rails must be able to withstand 200 pounds force in any direction.

b. The midrail shall be halfway between the top rail and the floor, runway, platform or ramp level. The ends of the rail shall not overhang the terminal posts except when it does not constitute a projection hazard. The midrail shall be made of at least I x 6 inch stock or its equivalent.