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Fall Causes
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Has this thought ever crossed your mind? The only way to be safe from fails is to avoid them! Avoidance is the key word. Let's explore just a few of the factors contributing to falls and their serious results. Here are some to think about.

Scaffolds - Never erect a temporary scaffold. Even if the job will only last a very short time, the scaffold should be erected as if you were going to use it indefinitely. Make sure you install allI the cross braces both vertically and horizontally, be sure the scaffold is built on a level surface and fully decked, and don't forget to provide proper access.

Ladders - Select the right ladder for the job. Is it the right size, did you tie it off, did you inspect it prior to use? Always face the ladder when you climb and avoid carrying tools in your hands when climbing -- one slip could send you down -- use a hand line or pouch for the tools. Never stand on the top two steps.

Floor Openings - Any floor opening measuring 12 inches across or larger must be covered or protection provided by a standard guard rail with toeboard. A cover must be large enough and strong enough to prevent failure and be marked so that everyone on the job will be aware of its purpose. Guard rails must meet minimum strength requirements (See OSHA Standard 1926.500). Toeboards will prevent tools or materials from falling through the opening and injuring workers below.

Stairways - Slow down -- don't run up or down. Avoid carrying objects that block your view of the steps. To help eliminate falls on stairways take your time, look where you step, and use the handrail. Keep stairways free of clutter to prevent tripping.

Housekeeping - A secure footing is a positive step in avoiding falls and good housekeeping is essential to secure footing. Debris, trash, oil and water left to accumulate on stairs, walkway etc. will lead to certain falls. A clean worksite is a safer worksite.

Watch your step! Stay alert! Avoidance and prevention is your first line of defense.