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Receptacles for attachment plugs shall be of approved, concealed contact type with a contact for extending ground continuity and shall be so designed and constructed that the plug may be pulled out without leaving any live parts exposed to accidental contact. Where different voltages, frequencies, or types of current (AC or DC) are to be supplied by portable cords, receptacles shall be designed so that attachment plugs used on such circuits are not interchangeable. Attachment plugs or other connectors supplying equipment at more than 300 volts shall be of the skirted type or otherwise designed so that arcs will be confined. Attachment plugs for use in work areas shall be constructed so that they will endure rough use and be equipped with a suitable cord grip to prevent strain on the terminal screws.

Flexible cord shall be used only in continuous lengths without splice, except suitable molded or vulcanized splices may be used where property made, and the insulation shall be equal to the cable being spliced and wire connections soldered. Trailing cables shall be protected from damage. Splices in trailing cable shall be mechanically strong components and insulated to retain the mechanical and dielectric strength of the original cable.

Cable passing through work areas shall be covered or elevated to protect it from damage which would create a hazard to employees.

Portable hand lamps shall be of molded composition or other type approved for this purpose. Brass-shell, paper-lined lamp holders shall not be used. Hand lamps shall be equipped with a handle and a substantial guard over the bulb and attached to the lamp holder or the handle.

Worn or frayed electric cables shall not be used.

Extension cords shall be protected against accidental damage that may be caused by traffic, sharp corners or projections and pinching in doors or elsewhere. Extension cords shall not be fastened with staples, hung from nails or suspended by wire.

Over current protection shall be provided by fuses or circuit breakers for each feeder or branch circuit by use of temporary or permanent power. Each disconnecting means for feeders or branch circuits shall be legibly marked. Boxes for disconnecting means shall be securely fastened to the surface upon which they are mounted and fitted with covers. Boxes and disconnecting means installed in damp or wet locations shall have a waterproof or rain-tight enclosure.