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Each job site shall establish procedures as part of the Safety Plan, to handle emergencies created by the following:

a. Fire.

b. Injuries to employees.

c. Injuries to general public on or adjacent to the job site.

d. Property damages with particular emphasis on utilities, pedestrian and vehicular routes.

e. Public demonstrations such as mobs, riots, etc.

f. Bombs or other destructive threats,

g. Other exposures/potential hazards that may occur at the job site.

Procedures should ensure that the ranking individual present takes charge and directs the handling of the emergency utilizing all available help.

Emergency procedures and actions required should be discussed regularly with supervisory personnel and at tool box safety meetings.

Job sites having sufficient numbers of employees should have a minimum of one person on each shift who is qualified in first aid procedures.

If an emergency occurs, the person in charge should:

a. Secure the area tightly and quickly.

b. Give information regarding the emergency only to authorized officials, such as police, fire department and insurance personnel.

To ensure that emergency actions are promptly effected, the Project Manager or Safety Supervisor should:

a. Ensure that Emergency Telephone Numbers are posted in a conspicuous place(s) and that the type of information to be transmitted is clearly stated for each emergency situation.

b. Ensure that responsible personnel make emergency calls.

Emergency procedures should be frequently reviewed with personnel to ensure their awareness of the proper actions to take. Emergency Telephone Numbers should be current. All emergency procedures should be approved by and coordinated with the Project Manager.