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Today's construction equipment is powerful and complex.  Safe equipment operation requires complete control.  The following are some general precautions which apply to most construction equipment.

Think safety.  Plan the work and work the plan.  Follow planned inspections and report or correct any unsafe conditions immediately.  Don't be a show-off.  It may impress others to be flashy and fast, but experienced operators know that a well balanced smooth work cycle gets more work done and prevents undue machine wear and accidents.

Be alert at all times and don't be distracted.  If attention must be turned elsewhere, stop the machine.

Be a good housekeeper.  Keep the deck operating area clean.  Be sure shoes are clean and dry before operating machinery.  Keep loose parts and tools in a tool box.  Use only non-flammable solutions for cleaning.  Never leave trash in the operators area.

Inspect wire ropes and hydraulic lines every day.  Replace frayed, broken or kinked wire ropes before using your equipment.  Check hydraulic lines for leaks and weak connections, and tighten or replace as necessary.

Inspect machinery daily.  Check for loose, worn or damaged parts.  Report any unsafe conditions immediately.  Do not operate the machine until all problems have been corrected.

Replace all missing or broken guards and panels.  Never alter guards and replace them after removing them during service.  Guards are there to protect you.

Never tamper with safety devices.  Always make sure that all safety devices are in working order.  Have a fire extinguisher on hand and know how to use it.  Check your fire extinguisher monthly to be sure it is in working order.