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An accident investigation is required whenever a serious incident happens on the job. The less time intervening between the accident and the investigation, the more accurate the in- formation that can be obtained. Facts are more accurate because people have not had time to become biased by the opinions of others, memories are clearer and more details are remembered.

Why do we investigate an accident? The reason is to obtain accurate information about what happened. What events led up to the accident; who was involved with the work; did anyone fail to follow procedures or did a piece of material or equipment fail? This information will be used to develop a conclusion regarding the physical cause of the accident.

Conditions at an accident scene are the only things that change faster than the opinions that evolve when there is a delay in compiling the facts. Much evidence is lost because it is removed from or altered at the accident site before any notice of it is taken or any record made. The contact phase of an accident is brief and initiates a wide spectrum of activity. People responding to an accident generally react rather than respond. Injured people are moved or removed for treatment. Equipment and other items are moved about to assist in the treatment of the injured party, and to provide passage or restore work. Prompt arrival at the scene allows the investigator to observe evidence before it has been removed or altered.

Since we all learn from accidents, the investigation will help us bring all the facts together, your input and involvement will help to assure that the necessary steps are taken to try to prevent a similar occurrence. All of us can learn from our mistakes. Make an effort to detect any existing hazards or improper procedures and report them to your foreman or supervisor immediately. Accidents are unplanned events, near misses let us know that there is a potential problem, and thorough accident investigations help us prevent recurrences.