For Employees do you:

Enforce the use of nonconductive safety shoes, hard hats and lifelines/harnesses?
Advise the use of: barrier creams?  respirators in areas of vapor concentration?
Require electricians to be licensed?
Comply with upgraded techniques, product codes, and regulations?
Restrict employees from wearing jewelry?
Train employees in first aid, including CPR?

For Pre-Job do you:

Consult utilities before digging?  Pre-mark all utility lines?

For Operations do you:

Make available Class C fire extinguishers in proximity to all works areas?
Use and maintain handrails, grips, safety lines or belts?
Follow specifications outlined in the blueprints and National Electrical Code?
Use explosion-proof systems in appropriate areas installed to manufactures' specs?
Use UL approved or equivalent fixtures?
Keep records of purchases of equipment and site of installation?
Protect branch circuits by using the proper size fuse or circuit breaker?
Provide adequate instruction/warnings for safe operation with each fixture/system?
Install ground fault circuit interrupters wherever appropriate?
Make certain that the current is cut off during operations?
Recheck de-energized circuits before work has begun?
Ensure that all equipment, tools, wearing apparel, and job surfaces are dry?
Assign only experienced personnel to work on hot, or energized, circuits?
Have an assured equipment grounding conductor program, to OSHA standards?
Protect unfinished electrical wiring? Conduct a final inspection at day's end?
Properly secure fixtures to ceiling or walls?
Restrict smoking in and around unfinished construction?

For Equipment do you:

Use ladders, scaffolds, or hoisting equipment that complies with safety codes?
Inspect equipment periodically and maintain it in good condition?
Use non-metallic ladders when in danger of contacting any energy source?
Follow manufactures'/suppliers/ recommendations for scaffolding use?
Properly ground electrical equipment, power tools and extension cords?
Maintain inventory control of supplies and equipment?
Properly secure loads?  Use special racks to fasten ladders to vehicles?