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We excavate in many types of soil and trenching without bracing, shoring or proper sloping is hazardous.  Even in hard soil a cave-in can occur. If such a failure does occur, persons in the trench can be buried, usually resulting in serious injury or death. Improper or careless installation of bracing and shoring can cause similar tragedies.

Let's review the hazards of trenching and the safety requirements for shoring and bracing.

It's essential in the excavation of trenches 5 feet or more in depth that the exposed faces of these trenches be supported and held firmly in place by adequate bracing. This requirement must be complied with for all trenching, except:

- Trenches that are in rock or hard shale that have been shown to be geologically self supporting of an unsupĀ­ported vertical face.

- Trenches with exposed faces sloped to the angle of repose for the type of soil in which the excavation is being made or properly benched to an equivalent of the angle of repose.

- Trenches in which trench shields or boxes are used.

REMEMBER: Before entering a trench, inspect all shoring at least daily, after weather changes, blasting or any other activity which might affect the shoring system.

Under no conditions should bracing or shoring be omitted, regardless of the length of time that the trench will be open.
To prevent placing an additional load on the trench face wall, excavated material must be placed no less than 2 feet from the edge of the trench.
At no time should an individual be permitted to work within the area of operation of any piece of equipment that is excavating the trench.

Employees should never ride the bucket or wheel of the trencher to the bottom of the excavation. Ladders should be used at all times.
Whenever working in the area of trenching operations, don't forget - wear you hard hat.
In all bracing and shoring operations, management is responsible for the type of bracing, the material size and proper installation. You are responsible for the safe handling of the material and safe installation.

By being proficient in the installation of proper bracing, the application of safety precautions and the knowledge of soil conditions, you can eliminate the hazards involved in trenching operations.