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Inspect ladders at frequent regular intervals; if any ladder is found defective, red tag it until it is repaired or discarded. NEVER use a defective ladder.

Use shellac, varnish, or two coats of oil as a preservative; paint conceals defects.

Avoid the use of metal ladders when the possibility of contact with electrical power exists.

Clean mud or greasy substances from your shoes before climbing up a ladder.

Place the ladder securely, against a solid backing, at a safe angle of about 75 degrees with the horizontal.

Always face the ladder and hold on with both hands, whether climbing up or down.

Carry tools in suitable pockets, or have tools and other objects hoisted with a rope and bucket.

Work facing the ladder and hold on with one hand.

 It is dangerous to reach out too far from a ladder in any direction; move the ladder as the work requires.

 It is unsafe to use a ladder as a horizontal member of a scaffold.

Ladders with broken or missing rungs, broken or split side rails, or other faulty or defective construction is prohibited.

Portable ladder feet should be placed on a substantial base, and the area around the top and bottom of the ladder should be kept clear.

Ladders should not be used in a horizontal position as platforms, runways, or scaffolds.

Ladders should not be placed in passageways, doorways, driveways, or any location where they may be displac­ed by activities being conducted on any other work, unless protected by barricades or guards.

The sides of ladders should extend not less than 36 inches above the landing. When this is not practical, grab rails, which provide a secure grip for an employee moving to or from the point of access, should be installed.

Portable ladders should be tied, blocked, or otherwise secured to prevent movement. Portable metal ladders should not be used for electrical work.

All ladders should extend 36 inches above the landing.



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