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Fires on a  construction site injure and kill workers plus cost millions of dollars each year.  

Fire control is everyone's business. You can do your part by observing and complying with fire control regula­tions. If you notice any hazards or conditions that could cause a fire, report them to your supervisor immediately.

Matches and cigarettes are principal causes of fires. Many fires have started because of carelessly dropped lit ashes, cigarette butts or burning matches. The temperature of the ash is often as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and if it comes in contact with combustibles, fire can result. Fireproof receptacles should be us­ed to extinguish smoking material.

Poor housekeeping is one of the major contributing factors that cause fires. Oily rags, paper, sawdust, solvents, paints and cartons should be disposed of properly. Trash should not be allowed to accumulate in the work area.

Oil or gasoline that is spilled on equipment should be cleaned up immediately. Make sure that oil-soaked rags are placed in proper safety containers.

Fires are also caused by the improper use of paints and solvents. Paint, paint thinner, alcohol, naphtha, lacquer thinner and gasoline should be used only for their intended purposes. Flammable liquids of any kind must be kept in approved safety containers.

The thoughtless use of welding equipment can easily destroy our jobs. Fire-resistant covers, spark shields and a fire watcher standing by, plus the proper use of die equipment, are the only answers to prevent damaging fire losses.

Defective wiring has caused many fires. Never try to repair wiring or equipment. Report defective items and have the repairs made by experts.

It's sometimes necessary to have a temporary heating device on the jobsite to warm yourself. Extreme caution should be used when in use.  Follow the manufactures precautions when using a heater.

Several fire extinguishers should be on the jobsite. Each of you should know where they are located and how to use them. You should also know where the fire alarm is located and how to turn in an alarm. Never try to extinguish a fire until you have turned in an alarm, and don't try to fight a fire alone.


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